Growth and Innovation

Let’s bend the growth curve.

We integrate design practices with business strategy. Really.

This combination is the secret sauce that routinely produces breakthrough growth strategies, more compelling user experiences, and impactful offerings. Major consultancies are beginning to take this approach – we have been doing it for decades.

Our Approach

LBMC’s Growth and Innovation team specializes in design thinking, a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s mindset and methods to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success.

We call the intersection of these three focus areas the “balanced breakthrough“, where we help clients develop solutions that have significant market impact.

Growth Innovation Design Thinking


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What is Growth and Innovation


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What is Human Centered Design?

How are we different?

A broader take on innovation

When businesses think about innovation, the focus is almost always on developing a new product or service. We help companies explore opportunities for breakthrough more broadly, by also looking at profit model, channel, customer experience, and more.

Equal parts strategy and creativity

We believe designers and strategists belong in the same room. Without the divergent thinking of creatives, the best solution may not be discovered. Without the convergent thinking of strategists, the best solution may not be implemented.

Top down, bottom up, outside in, inside out

All too often, the only point of view considered is that of top leadership in an organization. We believe it is critical to understand all points of view in order to develop a solution that works for everyone. That’s why our team executes in-depth discovery with top executives, entry level employees, and customers to find where the real opportunities lie.

Value is in the implementation

To us, there is nothing sadder than a breakthrough idea that never makes it to market. This is why our team focuses on solutions that are not only insightful, but also implementable. We think it’s worth making sacrifices to get an idea to market.

Service Offerings

Leadership Services

We prepare leaders to approach business challenges with a new set of skills, but more importantly, a fresh mindset.

  • Growth Audit
  • CEO Roundtable
  • Leadership Development
  • Change Management

Project Highlight
Client: Private equity-backed marketing agency
Problem: After acquiring 5 companies in 18 months, the client needed to integrate business units in a way that optimized for future growth, stayed true to their core mission, and retained leadership talent.
Solution/Results: We led a change management process engaging all practice groups at all levels of the organization. We created new organizational design and leadership structure optimized for future organic and M&A growth.

Strategy & Planning

We help teams articulate their vision into concrete plans while being flexible and aware of changing conditions in their landscape.

  • Growth Strategy
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Operational Excellence
  • M&A Road Mapping

Project Highlight
Client: Multi-national auto manufacturer
Problem: Shrinking market and increasing competition in the truck segment
Solution/Results: We developed and launched technology enabled solutions to keep a competitive advantage in the truck market segment. The product launch grew to critical acclaim in 18 months, compared to the average 4 year design-to-launch cycle.

New Product Development

We gain deep insight into your market position and customer needs by asking the right questions, then help you turn insight into action.

  • Customer Experience Design
  • Service Design
  • Product Design

Project Highlight
Client: Floor care equipment manufacturer
Problem: Client needed help strengthening their pipeline by introducing more innovative products for home and commercial floor care.
Solution/Results: We led a research effort that included in- person user observations, market analysis and emerging technology to identify opportunities for new product development. We developed 10 new product concepts, inspired by research insights to be launched over the next several years. This project not only re- energized the product pipeline, but also the company culture overall.

Executive Team

Link to Todd Growth and Innovation

Todd McCullough

Managing Director of Growth and Innovation

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phone icon email icon Nashville
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Bryan Terrill

Senior Manager, Growth and Innovation

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